What to expect:

Initial Contact

Our very first contact is usually over email.  (We love that you reach out that way; it is the most efficient way to contact us...or any planner).  But before you decide who's going to plan every last detail of your big day, you'll probably want to meet in person.  We start with a free (no pressure) convo with me to learn more. That can be in person, video conference, facetime, whatever you like!  We want to meet you!

Getting Started

If you decide we're a match made in heaven and want to work with us, we will send you information based on our initial discussion so you can determine the package that's best for you (or we'll send a custom quote).  We'll sign an agreement and send an initial payment. As soon as that's out of the way, whether your event is 9 months or 9 weeks away, our team at Belle Noelle will get started! 

The Weeks & Months Before

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The Day Of

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