Belle Features: Flutter Boutique

A few weeks ago Whitney Furst and I had the pleasure to sit down with Kolby, owner of the stylishly hip Flutter Bridal Boutique in Minneapolis, MN to chat about how she started in the business of selling bridal gowns, and some fun insider information about Flutter.  Please enjoy our interview, and make sure to join the girls at the big Heidi Elnora trunk show this weekend!

 Kolby Kipp Fahlsing, Owner of Flutter Bridal Boutique along with Laura Rudolph Bradice;  Photo Credits:   Whitney Furst Photography

 Kolby Kipp Fahlsing, Owner of Flutter Bridal Boutique along with Laura Rudolph Bradice; Photo Credits: Whitney Furst Photography

Tell me a little bit about you and your business!


Flutter is an award winning bridal boutique located in the heart of Minneapolis. Flutter began in a small one room boutique focusing on bridesmaids dresses in 2006. Over the years, there was a need in the area for simple, non traditional, and ethereal bridal gowns, so Flutter began to expand and grow their collections. In 2013, I purchased Flutter and we moved into our new location located in the Carriage House of the Semple Mansion. We now feature 4 big and beautiful lounge rooms with over 100 bridal gowns and 300 bridesmaids dresses to choose from.


How did you begin your journey towards Flutter Boutique?

I moved to Minneapolis with my now husband for his job. I knew that I wanted to get married and that I love bridal gowns, so I started working in a small boutique in Stillwater. After that, I went to work for a bigger bridal salon and loved it! I realized that this was truly my passion. Jake, my husband, encouraged me to follow my dreams and gave me the confidence that I could open my own bridal boutique. We soon found out that Flutter was for sale, and we made an offer. With my 10 years experience in sales and management, I have been able to grow Flutter and continue to improve our customers experience and brands. It's true what they say about loving what you do!

What is your favorite thing about being in your line of business?

The Fashion! Even though I'm already married, I still get goosebumps when I see new wedding dresses!

How early should a couple book you?

We are lucky with some of our designers being able to produce in the USA. So most of the time, we can accommodate a bride if her wedding is about 5 months out. However, we do have a few designers that have longer lead times. We do suggest at leave 7-8 months before your wedding to ensure that there is enough time for alterations.

When a Bride comes to Flutter and has no clue what style she’s going for, what is your approach/process to help her?

This is one of my favorite brides to work with. We typically ask where her venue is, what she wants to look like? Is there a theme? Most times, we can get a few answers to get a start. Then, we would pull a few dresses and shapes to see what she is really loving. It's so fun having a blank canvas to work with. She is open to ideas and suggestions. We have a lot of experience designing wedding looks, pairing colors together, and finding dresses that look good together, so this is part of what makes this process so special. We love that the brides allow us to use our expertise and be creative with the process.

If you weren't in the Bridal wear industry, what would you like to do?

I would love to be a pro wake surfer!

What makes Flutter different than other Bridal Boutiques?

We wear our heart on our sleeves and we truly care about all of our brides. We take the time to work with brides and pay close attention to detail. We are a low pressure sales boutique, so we want you to feel comfortable and welcomed into our space. We love the small boutique feel and the intimate moments that we get to be a part of. Even though we are growing, we like to keep it cozy. We also have a great group of girls. I love coming to work and having fun with them.

If you could fit someone famous for a dress, who would that be?

If only Mark Wahlberg wore dresses! I would say Jennifer Aniston. As a huge friends fan, so has remained so beautiful and stylish! Although, my girls would definitely say Taylor Swift!